Board of Directors Candidate Bios 

The new year is upon us and that means that three members of the LPOA Board of Directors are at the end of their terms. In 2018, two of our board members have decided not to run for re-election, ensuring that at least two new faces will join the volunteers who work to build a better LPOA for our members. Each member has provided a brief bio for member review.

Mike Fisher:

Mike has been a resident of the Lake View area his entire life. Mike has been involved in nearly every aspect of the community, having served on the Lakeview Fire Department board and currently assisting the LPOA as the association's erosion control specialist. He and his wife currently live on Broadway Dr.

Holly Cordell:

Holly grew up in McCalla and moved back into the Lake View area last year with her husband and four children. She works in HR and accounting with a master's in Organizational Management. Both she and her husband volunteer in many ways from coaching girls softball in Coaling to working with fundraising efforts for families with special needs or seriously ill children. Holly wants to be a voice for everyone in the community. She and her family live on Carson dr.

Max Pickens:

A 21 year resident of Lake View, Max and his wife are regular attendees at Town Council and LPOA meetings. Max always has helpful and meaningful input on how to better the situation in the community and would like to help the LPOA any way he can. He and his wife reside on Betty Cir.

Brandon Kynard:

Brandon is a three year resident of the Lake View area. He and his wife moved in with their two children, and this 28 year old is eager to help the members of the LPOA improve things with their children in mind. He lives on Rock Creek Dr.

Joe Allcorn:

Joe has been a longtime fixture in the Lake View community. He has lived in Lake View for 24 years and in that time has served as a member of the town council, as mayor, as a long time LPOA board member, and is the sitting president of the LPOA board. He has said that he would like to continue helping our members in the best ways he can. Joe and his wife live on Michelle Dr.