Board of Directors Candidate Bios 

Fred Locke repairing the pier at Ski Lake

Don Cicero working hard on the lake fertilization project 

Completed Projects

L.P.O.A. Park Development Fundraiser

The lakes are the central feature of the Lakeview community, but the parks are every bit as important to our members. In an effort to further develop the land around the lakes for the enjoyment of all our members, the L.P.O.A. has launched fundraising efforts, beginning with a 4th of July Boston butt sale. These funds will be set aside in a special fund outside of the L.P.O.A. general budget to be used exclusively for installing new parks and improving our old ones. 

Parsons Lake Restoration 2016

The Parsons Lake project has been ongoing for over a year now and is finally complete. Residents on the shore can look forward to a beautiful view from their decks and porches once enough rain has fallen to return the lake to full pool. 

Current News & Projects

Ski Lake Renovations 2017

The Ski Lake renovations included extensive repairs and upgrades to Ski Lake Park and the banks of the lake itself. The lake was lowered to allow repairs to the boat launch, replacement of the near-by retaining wall, and excavation of the shore near the boat launch and across the lake at the island. The old boardwalk was demolished and replaced with a pressed concrete deck, complete with metal railing that should last for decades.

The dock was rebuilt with new composite lumber that has a lifetime warranty, ensuring reduced maintenance costs in the future. The finishing touches were put on in early 2018 with new gravel in the parking lot and fresh sand for the beach.

L.P.O.A. Clean-Up Day making our streets beautiful

Coming Together to Build a Better Neighborhood.

Nothing better displays the strength and character of our little lakeside community than the way the members of the L.P.O.A. come together to make our small corner of Tuscaloosa County a better place to live and enjoy life. From simply picking up trash in and around the common properties to organized clean-up days, L.P.O.A. members can be found day in and day out working to keep our lakes and parks beautiful.

Most of our piers were built and donated by members, as was the boardwalk at Ski Lake Park.

Boy Scout Troop 71, made up of the sons and grand sons of our community, is almost solely responsible for the beautiful park at Scout Lake.

On every dam, every spillway, and every boat ramp you can find the tracks of hand tools and heavy equipment that our members used to help improve our community. 

So next time you see a member taking a sample to test our water quality, mowing the banks, or hauling in a picnic table, know that there are always L.P.O.A. members doing their part to make our part of the world a better place for our friends and neighbors.