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Your Membership to the L.P.O.A. is very important.

 The lakes, parks and common properties are unique natural resources in our community that must be maintained in order to preserve their beauty. 

Available only to individuals owning property in the Million Dollar Lakes and Lake Retreat subdivisions, an L.P.O.A membership offers exclusive access to lakes with closely monitored and cultivated fish populations, numerous lake side parks and recreation facilities, and numerous boat launches and piers to get everything from jet skis to pontoon boats out on the water for a good time. These services are available to paid L.P.O.A. members only, but everyone in the community gets to enjoy an increase in property values.   

 This makes your yearly membership a very important investment. The funds received from membership dues not only pay for the property taxes and insurance on the common properties, but they also pay to maintain the dams, piers, boat launches, gates, and landscaping as well as fund the lake fertilization programs that keep the fish populations healthy and the water quality testing that ensures a safe swimming and boating environment. These things not only protect your property values, but they ensure that our community remains a beautiful place to call home.

Membership applications can be found on the back of the L.P.O.A. newsletter, can be picked up in person at the Lakeview Country Club, or can be printed here. 


Annual Membership Fees:

$75 if paid before March 31  

$90 if paid from April 1 to December 31

It is preferred that you pay your dues by check or money order made payable to L.P.O.A.

Membership Applications and dues can be mailed to:


P.O. Box 54

McCalla, Alabama 35111

or they can be paid at Lakeview Country Club.